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Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30 receives 143 entries, uptick in corporate entries

1st February 2018

The  Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30 is off to a  flying start with 143 entries received, up from last year. While there is a strong representation from every major PR consultancy in India, there is also a considerable uptick in entries from the corporate communications side. Sectors such as telecom, hospitality, IT, housing aggregators are represented. We have also received entries from young PR founders, who now call themselves startups and not just PR boutique firms.

The jury will now pre-score the entries, each applicant will be looked at by 3 jury members and an average score taken out. Based on this score a short-list will be prepared. The jury will then meet in Mumbai at the end of February at the Godrej One office to finalise the top 30!

The final results will be published on March 16th, 2018 and winners will receive their e-certificates on Twitter.

Here is the distinguished, high -powered  jury, the applicants have to impress:

Written by Paarul Chand+,

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