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Identifying the skills required for PR today

16th August 2016

Senior PR professionals need to get up to speed when it comes to pitching, financial planning and project management. These are just three of the skills gaps identified in this year’s State of the Profession research from the CIPR. Koray Camgoz, public relations manager at CIPR, lists the skills in demand by PR recruiters and the skills that PROs believe they have:

Despite apparent skill gaps in pitching and financial planning, PROs do possess a wide range of skills, which befits a profession that is so demanding of different talents. As well as practice, confidence takes you a long way in any field, so it is important that women appreciate their leadership skills more, whilst men could do with brushing up their people skills.

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Delivered in partnership with Survation, the seventh edition of the CIPR’s State of the Profession report reflects the views of more than 1,500 practitioners who shared their thoughts on every aspect of public relations. Click to view the full report

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