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5th February 2015

In the highly crowded media space around the world and also in India, differentiated content has emerged as the key driver of all communication business, including public relations. As client companies work hard to connect with various stakeholders and customers – current and prospective, communication teams are increasingly focusing on providing interesting content to first capture the attention of the target group and then continue to engage them, especially through the digital media.                               

I believe that the main constituent in this differentiated content is the ‘idea’ that not only sets a particular campaign content apart from the rest but also attracts consumer/stakeholder interest. In this fast-changing world, it is imperative that such ideas keep pace and evolve constantly.

Such ideas, in my opinion, are unlikely to originate from been-there-done-that PR industry veterans. Instead, it will be the new talent and the fresh minds that will be tomorrow’s best ideators. It is this group of people who will have an intimate understanding of the new consumer in an all-pervasive digital age.

I believe that young men and women, who are infinitely more digitally savvy than their older counterparts, are naturally suited to drive differentiated content ideas across Internet platforms. I am also of the opinion that through 2015 and beyond, digital media – led by some energetic young minds – will lead to actual engagement with various target groups. We would see online discussions, shares across multiple platforms/channels, and real-world actions as a result of those online shares.

That is precisely the reason why there is a compelling requirement for the industry to nurture young talent. In this light, I congratulate PRmoment for launching its ‘30 under 30’ contest to showcase the best PR professionals under the age of 30 in India. I also pay compliments to the awards jury – representing the collective leadership of the Indian PR industry – for exercising its wisdom in choosing the meritorious candidates. Last but not the least, I extend heartiest congratulations to the winning candidates, who were chosen on the basis of their merit and hard work.                

It is the privilege for Adfactors PR to support this wonderful initiative of PRmoment in the same way that we have supported many other domestic and international PR industry events and forums.


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