PRmoment India Trainings

Location: 2 formats: Online via Zoom and Face 2 Face
Organiser: PRmoment India and Moushumi Dutt
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Presented by PRmoment India and MoushumiDuttt

Online Training: 

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About ‘PRmoment India Trainings’

PRmoment India Trainings,  presented by PRmoment India, Moushumi Dutt and other senior trainers, has been conceived to bring in practical and professional PR skills, that will help to demonstrate the strategic power of PR for achieving business impact.

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The course outline

Recognising the need for all communications to be smart and agile, alert and articulate, PRmoment India’s training program is built to offer bespoke modules to address the diverse needs of those that are shaping and those that deliver the brand message. It will also focus on how to bring in an evolved thinking towards PR in a fast-moving environment and handling client or C-suite expectations.

PRmoment India aims to help bridge this gap by providing a plug and play, microlearning sessions. The sessions will provide highly focused learning to the participants in a workshop setting directly at your workplace. 

For PR professionals, both consultancy and in-house who have just started their careers and are looking to strengthen their skills in delivering PR results.

For those who already have a sound foundation of PR skills and are looking to enhance their career path by acquiring advanced skills.

For management-level professionals. Aimed at understanding client, C-suite and team dynamics and managing them.

Personal Skills
To bring in healthy dynamics at the workplace, managing your Emotional Quotient, building your interpersonal relations and sharpening your negotiation skills. This module will be customized and built as per the need.

All offline courses offer mentorship of one month as part of the course deliverable

PR Training 1: cracking media engagement

  • Level : Entry-level and Intermediate PR professionals both in-house and consultancy 
  • Time: 2 hours.
  • Venue: At the organisation office
  • Target audience: Introductory to mid-level PR professionals
  • Structure : Training by Moushumi Dutt with PRmoment India
  • Size : Minimum 6 people, maximum 10
  • Trainers : Moushumi Dutt and Paarul Chand

What participants can expect
- A deep dive into cracking challenging stories, putting media engagement systems into place, mapping media priorities on your engagement list.


  • Level : Intermediate PR professionals both in-house and consultancy 
  • Managing Client / C -suite expectations
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Target audience: Mid Level PR professionals
  • Size : Minimum 6 people, maximum 10
  • Venue: Organisation Office
  • Trainer : Moushumi Dutt

What participants can expect
- How to match expectations with achievable deliverables.
- Understanding the environment of the client/ CXO and brand.
- Persuasion Skills with clients/CXOs

PR Training 3: writing skills: pitch notes, releases, blogs, newsletters

  • Level : Entry and Intermediate PR professionals both in-house and consultancy 
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Target audience: Mid Level PR professionals
  • Size : Minimum 6 people, maximum 10
  • Venue: Organisation Office
  • Trainer : Moushumi Dutt and Paarul Chand

What participants can expect
- How to write copy that makes your target audience think and feel what you want them to.
- Cracking press releases, pitch notes, blogs and Op-Ed pieces.
- Writing for TV and new age media.

Trainer Profiles

Moushumi Dutt
Moushumi Dutt is a communications leader who confesses that it was the first three years of working with a PR agency that helped her take on larger roles in communications. A truly versatile communicator who has worked across diverse industries ranging from bilateral relations, Information technology, Consumer finance, healthcare, consumer lifestyle, lighting.
Wrapping up two decades of hardcore corporate communications to build and sustain corporate reputation, she currently works as an independent consultant, bridging the gap of communications wisdom and grey hair in startups and smaller niche service organisations.

Having worked with the best of clients, the most efficient and effective PR agencies

Paarul Chand
Paarul Chand is the Editor-in-Chief, partner of PRmoment India (, India’s leading online PR magazine. An Indian Institute of Mass Communications alumni, Paarul Chand started her career as a TV journalist in 1993 reporting news. She extensively covered politics, business news, industry and commerce, international affairs and developmental issues on India’s best-known network and channels. After this, she had the opportunity to engage the media as a PR strategist for public health and social development issues. These included a media consultancy project for India with Wikimedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia as well as media advocacy and outreach for the developmental sector with special focus on TB, AIDS, malaria, water, energy and food security, inclusive growth and fair trade, sanitation, maternal and infant mortality. This experience taught her the importance of