The Intersection of PR & SEO Lite

Location: Virtual Event, via Intrado virtual event software
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Cost: Early-bird £29.99 + vat, Normal ticket £39.99 + vat

Welcome to the latest in a series of PRmoment Lite events. These events are designed to give delegates a stimulating, short and sharp overview of a specific topic - in this case: The Intersection of PR & SEO.

PRmoment Lite events offer a forum for PR people to digest useful, insightful content on specific topics that are really important to their roles in the comfort of their own homes.

Needless to say in this Covid-19 environment, these events will be virtual and we’ve designed the format with that in mind.

They will take place via specialist virtual event software Intrado. You can just purchase your ticket below via Eventbrite and put a reminder in your calendar from your Eventbrite ticket.

Why attend
This event will identify what PR people need to do to maximise the SEO impact of their work

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How it works:
On the Monday prior to the event, we will send you the link which you can then use on the day. Please note that if you’ve bought a ticket for this event, you will be able to access a recording of the event for 1 week after the event takes place, just in case you miss it on the day (ie: the kids play up, you need to do something else or you’re not well.) Each speaker session lasts for 15 mins, plus a 5 minute Q&A

Early bird £29.99 + vat, Normal ticket £39.99 + vat. 

The early-bird rate closes on Friday 24th April.

4.00 pm

Intro and Welcome
Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment


4.05 pm

What does good PR SEO look like when it is applied?
Lexi Mills, managing partner, Shift6

  • Why earned media and links are so important to your SEO performance
  • What does the future of PR SEO look like?
  • Why your integration between PR and SEO is critical

5 mins audience Q&A


4.25 pm

How PR & Search teams can help each other
Laura Crimmons, Senior Digital Manager, Ringier

  • Understanding the fundamentals of SEO for PR
  • What PR and Search teams can learn from each other
  • Understanding keywords and their relevance to PR for SEO
  • Understanding the different roles within search
  • When to use CPC (cost per click) as part of your PR strategy

4.45 pm

Comfort break and/or tea, coffee, biscuits, beer, wine...


4.50 pm

10 Globally important Search Traffic Factors
Dixon Jones, Global Brand Ambassador of
  • Identifying 10 important search factors that PR professionals need to stay on top of
  • Understanding the importance of headline writing for SEO impact
  • Comparing the SEO impact of a linked and non linked article from high profile media sites

5 mins audience Q&A


5.05 pm

Google Analytics: Using Google Search Console to improve your PR and SEO performance
Andrew Bruce Smith, director, Escherman

  • What Google Search Console does
  • How to use Google Search Console to understand your keywords
  • Through keyword analysis understand what content drives to your website
  • How to join the dots between your keywords and your website user’s behaviour

5 mins audience Q&A

5.25 pmCase study

Content in a Crisis: How Freesat used SEO to tune into the UKs entertainment needs during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Michelle Wilding-Baker, Head of Digital & Content, Freesat

  • Using search volumes and business data to adapt Freesat’s PR strategy to the current CoronaVirus landscape

5.50 pm

Thanks and wrap up by Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment

5.55 pm

Close of event