Your PR AI Tool Guide

When: (Virtual Event)
Location: Webinar, hosted on Hopin
Organiser: PRmoment- Adfactors PR
Cost: Free

Why attend?: Attend this webinar to learn how in the age of digital communication and information overload, public relations (PR) professionals need effective tools to manage their campaigns, monitor media coverage, and analyze public sentiment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful ally in the world of PR, offering innovative solutions to enhance productivity and strategic decision-making. This webinar aims to provide a brief overview of some essential PR AI tools that can help streamline your PR efforts and achieve better results.

How it works: Please register via Hopin using the button below, you’ll be sent an email confirmation and be able to add the webinar details to your calendar.

4.00 PM Chairperson Intro 

Paarul Chand -editor, PRmoment India 
4.05 PR and Communications with AI

Nandini Chatterjee, chief marketing & communications officer- PwC India

  • Mapping crisis communication using AI
  • Mapping campaigns with AI

4.20 The ethics of AI-generated content  

Jaspreet Bindra, founder-The Tech Whisperer

  • Modelling Chat GPT for content 
  • Biases in large language models and how to avoid them 

4.30 Your PR AI Tool guide

Jai Bahal, lead trainer-Adfactors

  • 4 non-Chat GPT AI tools you can use to run your PR function- Newswriter, Tome, OpenRead, Midjourney
4.45 How to implement AI tools into your agency workflow

Hemant Gaule, dean- School of COmmunications & REputation

  • Productivity use cases
  • Specific use cases for PR
  • Framework - 6 steps to get the most out of Chat GPT
  • Food for thought 

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Thanks to Adfactors PR for partnering with us for this event.