PRmoment India Offline Training focuses on storytelling and cracking media engagement

About the training:

Level: Entry-level and intermediate PR professionals both in-house and consultancy

Time: 2 hours

Venue: At the organisation office

Structure: Offline training by Moushumi Dutt with PRmoment India

Trainers: Moushumi Dutt and Paarul Chand

What participants can expect:

  1.   A deep dive into cracking challenging stories,
  2. Putting media engagement systems into place
  3. Cracking your media list
  4. Mapping reporters and their story agendas
  5. Building story calendar using the PRmoment India training story grid.


  • Rs. 6999 plus 18% GST per participant. Valid if you book by 10th October 2019.

All offline courses offer a WhatsApp follow up support for one month as part of the course deliverable


Hamsini R, head of corporate communications, State Street ( custodian bankers)

The training was packed with nuggets of wisdom, experience and practical information (we took copious notes just to keep up with all of it!)

What we learned was not just crafting a pitch note or a press release, it was the ability to be well-rounded practitioners of PR. I would highly recommend the training to my peers.”

Bengaluru, September 2019