PRmoment India Offline Training for PR professionals focuses on client and CXO management

About the training:

Managing Client /C -suite expectations

Level: Intermediate PR professionals both in-house and consultancy

Time: 2 hours

Venue: Organisation office

Trainer: Moushumi Dutt

What participants can expect: 

1. How to match expectations with achievable PR deliverables.
2. Understanding the environment of the client/ CXO and brand.
3. Persuasion skills with clients/CXOs.

4. Building an impactful PR plan.


    • Rs. 6999 plus 18% GST per participant

    All offline courses offer a WhatsApp follow up support for one month as part of the course deliverable

    "We threw ourselves in the deep end to reflect on how we do what we do. Thanks to Moushumi Dutt and Paarul Chand for being our lifeguards today in the matter of client management and self-discovery. Just our timely reminder that we are here."
    On Purpose Communications
    July 2018