Bengaluru International Airport's marketing & communication leadership speaks about their COVID communication experience

The Bengaluru Airport is one of the busiest airports in India and Asia, clocking over 33 million visitors a year in the pre-COVID era.

As airports are an essential service-specially with regard to important cargo items such as medicine, the marketing and communication leadership team at Bengaluru International Airport had their hands full ensuring smooth customer engagement within the challenges of COVID.

Shalini Rao, chief marketing officer, Bengaluru International Airport and Archana Muthappa, head of corporate communication-Bengaluru International Airport speak to PRmoment India's  leadership series podcast about what changed and what did not for the COVID specific marketing and communication strategy.

At the heart of the approach? Reassure the passengers about the safety measure, over communicate and share safety information and go back to listening strongly to the customer.

Digital was also scaled up beyond social media, a virtual help desk is now in place at the airport for example.

Listen in as Shalini Rao and Archana Muthappa lay out their key challenges and solutions during this extraordinary time.

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