Budget 2021's Infra push will increase need for 'social licence' for businesses, Speyside's Yashika Singh on the PRmoment Leadership Podcast

Yashika Singh, Speyside

The Union Budget 2021 saw the 'National Infrastructure Pipeline' expanded by over 500 new projects. There are also a slew of measures to monetise potential brownfield projects, increase capital expenditure and create funding for infrastructure projects via the newly set up National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development, with a capital base of Rs 20,000 crore.

What does this mean for corporate relations? Yashika Singh, country director, India for Speyside Corporate Relations believes that this will give rise to a great role for 'social licensing' in corporate relations. How does a 'social licence' work? How do you institutionalise it?  Is it only for sectors such as mining? Watch Speyside's Yashika Singh in conversation with PRmoment India's Paarul Chand on the topic. 

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