Health tech can reduce pressure on healthcare system: GCI Health's Rikki Jones and Hemali Bhutani Mahajan on the PRmoment Video Podcast

Health communication, often regarded as not that much of a priority for businesses, has become the main priority post Covid. What does that mean for health communicators, what issues are on the top of the communication agenda?

With Covid communication emerging as a super trend to stay for at least the decade ahead, health is also on the global agenda of governments. Ensuring high quality and potentially life saving information has moved to the centre of health communication like never before.

To discuss these and other ramifications of how health communication is unfolding today, PRmoment India spoke to Rikki Jones, president, Asia Pacific, GCI Health and Hemali Bhutani Mahajan, managing director, GCI Health India

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The interview above covers:

1) Role of communication in overcoming vaccine hesitancy.

2) The explosion of health tech and its potential impact on reducing burden on the healthcare system.

3) The ramifications of disclosing your vaccine status at work and the government's' role in the policy around that.

4) Growth potential of healthcare communication. 

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