Leadership quality, strategic counsel will decide future success of PR: Adfactors PR's Madan Bahal on the PRmoment Leadership podcast

5 months down the line from when the COVID crisis first broke, PRmoment India caught up with Madan Bahal, managing director and co-founder of India's largest firm Adfactors PR on how he has been dealing with the crisis, lessons on moving forward for the PR sector and his personal way of staying grounded in a crisis. 

In this free-wheeling interview, even as the firm marks 23 years of its existence this week, Bahal commented on the following:

- Why leaders need to think about being relevant in 2023 and not just 2020. Why resilience matters most today.

- Plan looking ahead and not at the rear view mirror.

- Why the nature of risk for businesses and therefore risk and reputation management has completely changed during COVID.

- Views on reduced retainer and project fees challenges.

- What is the next level counsel that PR professionals need to provide to their clients.

- Adfactors PR's digital plans ahead.

- How Adfactors supported their staff during COVID with zero job cuts.

- His personal mindfulness mantra to stay grounded in these difficult times.

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