Smaller towns likely to see next wave of startups: Prime Venture Partners' Akhila Deshpande on the PRmoment Leadership Podcast

Akhila Deshpande on PR for early stage startups

In spite of COVID shock, India's startup sector, especially early stage startups, saw healthy investment inflows. Indian startups received investment of 11.4 billion US dollars in 2020, down 10% from 2019. But the total number of deals also rose by 14%. 

Seed funding did exceptionally well, at over 400 million dollars doubling from the 2019 level.  Akhila Deshpande, PR and marketing head of early stage investor Prime Venture Partners speaks on the PRmoment India Leadership Series 2021 about the specific challenges of early stage startup communication, how to get media attention for early stage firms, how to measure ROI for PR for them and what startup investment trends communicators should keep an eye on for 2021. Take a look:

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