Time to link business outcomes with communications: takeaways from PRmoment webinar

Welcome to the first from a series of PRmoment India webinars. These webinars offer a platform for PR professionals to connect with other PR professionals on the burning questions facing them today. In the first of our webinars, the topic is building your PR business model in the time of COVID-19.

Aniruddha Bhagwat, CEO and co-founder Ideosphere Consulting, Gayatri Rath, senior corporate communications professional and Ashwani Singla, founding managing partner, Astrum Reputation Advisory share their views on the following:

- What are clients seeking from new-age communication-especially in the time of COVID-19?

- Why matching business outcomes to PR is going to be a huge demand from clients now.

- Why the relevance of communciation is key to what the client wants from PR today.

- How to slow cash burn for the next quarter.

Watch the video below:

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