Healthcare, education, finance has increased appetite for PR: PRmoment India Webinar series

Mid size PR firms are at the forefront of communication in key sectors such as healthcare, education, finance and BSFI and digital marketing.

In the latest PRmoment India webinar, we speak to Shabbir Hussain, Co-founder-Hats-Off, Nikky Gupta, Co-founder-Teamwork Communication Solutions, Reegal Ranjan, VP-Value 360 Communications and Hemant Batra, MD- Veritas Reputation PR speak on the communication trends in these key sectors, why firms in these industry areas are increasing their uptake of PR and why Instagram's new features can be the next destination for owned media properties.

Our speakers also focus on why healthcare communication can no longer be cookie cutter but has to be extremely sensitive to the life and death situations we are all faced with now:

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