KPMG's Vandana Chopra says they have highest online share of voice in the consulting world:Hill+Knowlton Strategies-PRmoment Friday Zone series

Does micro- storytelling play a role in the rarified world of consulting? It does indeed, play a huge role in engaging with their own employees, documenting success stories with clients as well as act as moments of inspiration during this tough pandemic time.

These were some of the issues discussed during the first episode of Friday Zone, a series aimed at highlighting issues that matter most to brand communicators in the new world we all find ourselves in.

Abhishek Gulyani, CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies India said, "Friday Zone is centred around innovating the future of corporate communications. Storytelling and interface frameworks need to be redesigned and made to fit into the exciting new world to sustain brand engagement – it is important to be neutral and yet be emotional and hyper sensitive to the world around us."

Storytelling in a consulting world 

Vandana Chopra, Head, Brand & Communications, KPMG India shared that, " In KPMG, are using storytelling very effectively as a communication strategy, both internally as well as externally to trigger that interest amongst our clients and even potential clients."

Chopra added, "I'll give you an example of a client story, you know, we were working with this hypermarket chain to you know, the entire digital strategy to really transform their business and what we really did was to help them transform their operations and you know, and in the development of this whole IoT platform. Now, as a result of this the hypermarket has moved simply beyond meeting the product needs of the consumer to provide a very superior shopping experience."

Video, Digital Storytelling and its impact for KPMG

Chopra also shared that," Incidentally, you know, KPMG, has the highest 'Share of Voice' amongst all its digital assets in the consulting world. And that's something that we're really, really proud of. So and we leverage it in a big, big way, telling our story, whether it's internally telling some of these really powerful stories, taking them to some of the newer mediums, is what we  really do on a day to day basis."

Do take a look at the full podcast that also covered the following topics:

1) The story of the bid that travelled 3,000 kilometers in 24 hours to eventually win the project.

2) How KPMG is supporting the passions of their employees by sharing their most inspiring stories.

3) Why video has become a key tool in the modern storytelling arsenal for the consulting world.

4) KPMG's take on podcasts as a storytelling tool.

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