Monopoly in Hindi, co-creating games features with fans, Hasbro's Lalit Parmar explains how the iconic toys & games firm is staying engaged, PRmoment Podcast

On World Monopoly Day, PRmoment India speaks to Lalit Parmar, commercial director, India Hasbro on what it take to communicate and stay engaged with customers across generations. 

Hasbro is the maker of iconic games and toys such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Play-Doh. The firm will also be for the first time offering Monopoly in Hindi and crowdsourcing community chest cards as part of its global 'Community Chest' challenge.

Parmar also commented on Hasbro campaigns such as 'Memories included' that evoke the nostalgia of playing these games and the bonding it offered families during the pandemic.

Listen in:

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