Are PR firms ready to walk away from fossil fuel clients? Meet two who have: PRmoment India Podcast

On Purpose's Girish Balachandran and VERO's Brian Griffin

PR firms, deeply embedded in getting the message of the company out, end up being a key gatekeeper of how ESG narratives are shaped.

This is why, the 'Clean Creative Pledge' is so important. Under this PR firms commit to walk away from clients that are involved in fossil fuel products.

The Clean Creative Pledge 

In March this year, two of the first agencies to sign the Clean Creative pledge in Asia were Southeast Asian agency Vero and Indian agency ON PURPOSE.

Vero and ON PURPOSE are currently in the early stages of collaboration with Clean Creative agencies in New York, London, and South Africa to address client needs – along with the ON PURPOSE and Vero markets in Asia Pacific.

On the PRmoment podcast, we speak to Brian Griffin, VERO CEO and Girish Balachandra, founder, and MD of On Purpose on whether being a clean creative PR firm will get you, clients, how to fight against the ESG backlash and whether we can expect more Hindenburg Research styled investigations in the future.

Listen in.

The podcast covers the following:

1) 4.11: How did you come up with the decision to not work with companies that work in fossil fuels?

2) 6.40: How do you analyze the trend towards adopting ESG and the backlash against ESG? 

  • The global backlash against ESG.
  • The trend towards adopting ESG in India.
  • Widespread adoption of ESG will take time.
  • Brian's opinion on the anti-ESG movement.

3) 13.03: Brian and Girish’s opinion on the need for corporate vulnerability.

4) 15: 16: Making ESG measurable

  • Making ESG more measurable with the MSCI standard index.
  • .Hindenburg is performing the role of investigative journalism.

5) 22: 47: What are the real steps to establish proper governance?

  • Linking leadership incentives to ESG.
  • Why governance is important in Indian companies.

6) 25: 22: What are the challenges of being a clean creative agency?

  • Being a clean creative agency does not mean giving up opportunities.
  • Taking the pledge.
  • Network partners actively seeking opportunities for clients committed to sustainability.

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