A ‘How to get away with Murder’ stunt is the PR winner

Good PR

Murder test

This impressive campaign was to mark the launch of the US legal drama ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. In the hidden camera stunt, four people were tested to see how far they’d go to cover up a crime they thought a close friend had committed.

This one reminds me a bit of the “Carlsberg puts friends to the test” stunt last year, which saw people call mates at 3am asking them to come to their rescue with a hefty sum of cash to bail them out of a poker game gone wrong.

In this new stunt, each friend is lured to a flat rigged with a hidden camera, where they are led to believe their mate is in trouble after an apparent violent incident the night before. They are tested to see if they will lie to police (actors) for their friend or hide evidence and help them make a getaway. It’s pretty cool and was picked up by the likes of the Daily Mail, Mirror and Metro; with over 60k views on YouTube so far. There was also a nice supporting survey, showing how many Britons would be willing to do jail time or lie to the police for a loved one.

Watch the video here ... 

The US legal drama 'How to get away with Murder' also airs in India.

Bad PR

Unsexy costume

If you’re heading out on the town or to any parties this Halloween, you’ll probably see the usual sexy vampires, sexy cats, sexy nurses and sexy witches or zombies that often grace these kinds of shindigs with their scantily-clad presence. Didn’t you get the memo? Halloween isn’t about looking terrifying, but rather scarily bare. 

So, sexy Halloween costumes aren’t a new thing and companies are always trying to cash in by making seriously unsexy things into saucy outfits. A quick Google image search for sexy Halloween costumes just threw up a sexy pizza slice outfit, for example. Alright, pizza is a bit sexy when you’re starving.

Anyway, this latest costume is a real shocker. Online retailer BrandsOnSale has launched the “Sexy Ebola Containment Suit".

I’m just going to let that sink in for a little while.

No, no, you heard me right. It’s $59.99 and features a short white dress, face shield, breathing mask, blue latex gloves and safety goggles.

Well, plenty of people were quick to react to the insensitivity of the online retailer and media outlets such as ABC news, Huffington Post, Mashable, Mail, Metro and plenty of other publications around the world picked up on it.

It follows a hoax where a “Sexy Breaking Bad Costume” listing was photo-shopped to look like a “Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume”. So, BrandsOnSale clearly thought there was market for this sort of thing.

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