British PM David Cameron strikes PR gold and Nautanki Salaa’s spoofy online show is a hit

British PM strikes Gold in India

Coinciding with the visit of the British Prime Minister David Cameron to India this week, the english guinea, the first machine struck coin in England, will soon have the Made in India tag.

Cameron’s visit had broken through to the top two all India Twitter trends in the first half of the week. His apology for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also in the top three twitter trends for India, did not please everyone though.

To come back to the gold guinea, the Royal Mint in the UK has licensed a local firm to produce the new Royal Mint 2013 gold sovereign. The first of these with a Made in India stamp will be presented to Indian PM Manmohan Singh by British PM David Cameron.

These gold guineas, bound to satisfy the well known Indian lust for gold, are being produced for the Indian market by MMTC-PAMP a joint venture between public sector MMTC and Swiss manufacturer PAM.

This is a little extra story spin which ties in neatly with the soon to arrive Akshaya Tritiya festival in April, which is bound to see a peak in gold buying like every year. The recent hike in the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya and its socio-religious links with buying gold and silver, over the last few years  is itself considered a masterful PR campaign to push gold sales by the jewellers in India on the lines of the ever growing consumer rush and popularity of Valentine’s Day.

Spoofy PR for Nautanki Salaa

Some of the best PR is coming out of Bollywood, believe it or not. In the race to get people into cinema halls, director Rohan Sippy devised an online show called Kutting with Kunaal, with the lead actors of the show Kunaal Roy Kapur and Ayushmann Khurrana of Vicky Donor fame. A PR first for a Bollywood film to be promoted via a spoofy online show and patterned on the very famous Koffee with Karan (though the director says Koffee with Karan is just a strong reference point); the show has created a buzz around he film.

Check out the hilarious and completely incompetent host of the show here:

Drive away post V Day Blues with Snickers India 

Valentine's Day madness is finally over. For those with acute withdrawal symptoms, Snickers India is running a really interesting Facebook campaign that attributes the “Post V Day Syndrome” to hunger.


The candy maker’s tagline “Hunger Achhe Achhon Ko Badal Deta Hai” and the link to Valentine's Day makes for interesting online campaign.

If ya guys are thinking pink’s kinda cool, you’re just hungry( Picture below)


Already the Snickers ad featuring yesteryears Diva, Rekha, has created quite a buzz with its innovative link to hunger for chocolate and diva like behaviour.

Have you seen any great or even bad PR?

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