Fevicol wins this week with a brand message that sticks

Brand message that sticks fast with Fevicol

The adhesive brand Fevicol has always been known for its nutty ads that manage to convey the brand values of Fevicol.

While Fevicol was immortalised in this Bollywood number, Fevicol Se, from Dabangg 2, in 2012, this cute on the ground activation is interesting and funny.

As you can see in this video, unsuspecting customers are invited to take anything for free as long as they can carry it away:

But of course, all the stuff, all 87 items to be precise, is stuck with Fevicol adhesive and naturally cannot be taken away.

Creative way of creating a buzz with customers directly.

Thanks to @karishmabhagi for alerting us to this story.

It’s the war of the hashtags between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, #PappuCII vs. #Feku

In the run up to the General Elections 2014, the fight – between the two who are perceived as the main rivals for the post of the Prime Minister of India – is already bloody on Twitter. Newspapers and television channels this week, have avidly reported how Twitter hashtags for and against both sides remained top trending topics.

CNN-IBN devoted an episode of its nightly show “Face the Nation” to the topic, asking if Twitter can set the political agenda.

Though PR practitioners are not going to be happy with the slightly judgemental reaction of the “Face the Nation” anchor regarding professionally managed Twitter handles. 

The story even made it to The Indian Express’s Delhi Confidential section which usually devotes itself to stories about the political shenanigans in Delhi procured from unnamed confidential sources.


To recap, the twitter war kicked of last week which saw Rahul Gandhi’s speech at CII at the centre of a raging debate with the hashtag #PappuCII, with even the New York Times pitching in:

This week as Narendra Modi had his outing speaking with the ladies of FLO (supported by FICCI)   and a special interview as part of Network 18’s Think India series, the hashtag #Feku, began trending right on top and it was Modi’s turn to be pilloried. #Feku even managing to stay a global trend topic for an hour.

Pepsi conducts Tweet 20 matches on Twitter for IPL 2013

This one is for hard core cricket fans. This season, IPL’s social media outing has been increasingly integrated and engaging. As per this story in the Economic Times, IPL is holding an online Tweet 20 tournament using a Twitter API-based application, which allows people to play cricket on Twitter. The official sponsor Pepsi is using its twitter handle to tweet a type of ball being bowled and participants have tweet the best shot to hit the ball with.

As per Economic Times, other brands such as Vodafone and Garnier have also launched social media campaigns. The famous Vodafone Zoozoos are being used to promote an SMS based contest where participants can win an autographed ball:

Have you seen any great or even bad PR?

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