Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale gets Bad PR

Flipkart has been barraged by a tidal wave of negativity on social media as their hotly anticipated ‘Big Billion Day’ sale got underway.

The sale campaign, which started at 8am monday, was launched 2 weeks ago and was expected to be the equivalent of ‘Black Friday’ in the US.

However as the day got nearer, more and more people began claiming the prices on the website were inflated in the run up to the sale, meaning the discounts were not genuine.

Then as the sale began many customers vented their frustration online after receiving repeated server error and sold out messages when trying to make purchases. Even though the website server had not crashed.

A company spokesperson for Flipkart has commented, “There was an error which has been corrected. Our team is prepared to check all stress points. The event is very successful and very well managed so far”.

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