Great PR: Film, camera, action! Some top film stunts to make you smile

How was the holiday everyone? Great PR is back, and back with a bang.

End of the world

LG Electronics get the nod for good PR, this week for their prank based stunt. I loves a good prank I does. LG got some random muggles to turn up for a fake job interview. The window of the interview room was replaced with a big LG screen that still looked like an, erm, window.

As the interviews took place the “window” showed a meteorite entering the earth’s atmosphere and crashing into the city. Some tried to run out of the room, some were clearly panicked and some were in tears.

Happy endings

Sometimes even the most cynical of PROs need an “Ahh, that’s nice” moment and this week it comes in the form of rom-com film supremo Richard Curtis.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually director was served a pizza by 18-year-old Rebecca Chew when taking a break from scouting for new filming locations and one month later she got a call offering her a part in the said new film.

Before anyone could shout “pre-film hype and publicity” the story was in the Daily Mail and lucky Miss Chew has now completed filming alongside Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams.

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