Hindustan Unilever and Life OK channel clean up in this week’s Great PR

Great PR

Wash your hands and sins at the same time says Hindustan Unilever’s innovative Lifebuoy campaign

This is the season of the Kumbh Mela, expected to draw 70 million devotees in a space of no more than 58 Sq kilometres, in search of a dip in the holy Ganges and therefore a chance to wash away sins. Is it any surprise then that this huge captive audience, the largest gathering of people anywhere in the world, is the backdrop for some outside the box PR and advertising stunts?

Consumer products major, Hindustan Unilever, has a very interesting campaign with their iconic Lifebuoy soap. They have tied up with over 100 hotels and dhabas at the mela venue to stamp a staggering 2.5 million rotis with the words, "Have you washed your hands with Lifebuoy”, in Hindi. A timely hygiene reminder just at the moment people sit down to eat.

Great PR for a good cause, neatly tied in with the core brand values of the product, positioned at a venue that draws ongoing media attention. The campaign will continue right through February. Check out this slideshow of the rotis.

Love is the air, travel company MakemyTrip.com, comes along for the ride

Yes, it was Valentine’s Day week and quite naturally love contests are floating around on Twitter and Facebook, hoping to cash in on the all around mushiness. Travel major, MakeMyTrip.com managed to reach the number one trending spot by launching the #travellove contest, around Singapore’s Changi airport. Tweeples had to answer the questions on Changi correctly (with a link to the Changi airport website helpfully provided) and tag five friends in the answer.

#travellove was soon trending at Number 1 in anticipation of winning MakeMyTrip goodies.


Cleaning the Ganga gets some celestial help with Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Life OK channel has conducted a unique awareness project around cleaning the Ganga in eight cities along it.

The program is an extension of its most popular show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev around Lord Shiva. Taking advantage of the natural link between the story of Lord Shiva (who is credited with bringing the river down from the cosmos onto earth) and the river Ganga, the project enabled the show to extend its story further to clean the Ganga. A much needed awareness programme, cleverly woven into the storyline of the show. A much better way of creating awareness.

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