Mumbai Indians’ #RetiretheJerseyNo10 campaign takes over social media

Mumbai Indians bat for Great PR

Communication has become increasingly integrated, where the power of a good idea helps to propel the brand forward and create a buzz around it. Two of our Great PR picks this week, show how social media is increasingly leading the buzz around an organisation which no longer has to depend on traditional media to talk to audiences.

Sporting jerseys often become the stuff of legends, somehow magically acquiring the same aura as the sportsperson who wore them. This is why the online campaign from the Mumbai Indians, the IPL franchise Sachin Tendulkar plays for, to retire his jersey #RetireTheJerseyNo10 is a great stunt to generate PR for the IPL cricket franchise and to continue extending its brand in the run up to the start of the IPL season in April 2013. Mumbai Indians have launched an integrated social media campaign to retire Sachin’s jersey (Vote here:

Disclaimer: Not that Sachin Tendulkar aka God needs any additional PR (before some bouncers from cricket fans head this way)!



The Mumbai Indians official Twitter page @mipaltan posts game trivia about Sachin’s 23-year long ODI career along with asking people to vote to retire Sachin’s jersey.


Do you remember some of the other great sportspeople and their jersey numbers? Sporting trivia has it that the Number 10 jersey is often worn by the greatest players in football: Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Lionel Messi, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Rooney. The great Michael Jordan wore 23, as did David Beckham . Number 7 is worn by both Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Crunch up PR with Parle G Biscuits

Mass biscuit brand Parle G has leveraged it’s connect with children in an interesting manner to generate coverage with the right audience: parents. Playing on the 'G for Genius' tag line from Parle G, the brand is running a “My Kid a Genius” campaign that invites parents to showcase their kids’ eureka moments.

By elevating the brand values of Parle G biscuits with the issue of education in India, it allows the brand to create a platform for ongoing talking points with their audiences including media. Education in India often conjures up images of children toting heavy schoolbags and involved in rote learning. The Parle G campaign effectively makes the point that education is about unleashing the potential of a child through exploring their world. Parents get to upload videos of their little genius in action, helping to create ongoing messaging and content for Parle G.

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