Pepsi dresses up as Coke in Halloween ad and wins Great PR

Pepsi dresses up as Coke in Halloween ad

This Halloween (a festival that is becoming increasingly popular in India as well), Pepsi pulled a cheeky and bold dig at Coke, by dressing up a can of Pepsi in a Coca-Cola styled “super cloak”.

The tag line says, “We wish you a scary Halloween”!

The ad has been produced by Buzz in a Box, Brussels, Belgium.

In the eternal Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola ad wars, Pepsi has won this round, gathering tons of PR in the process. Now it’s over to Coke for a comeback.

Take a look at the ad here:

Tanishq ad breaks social norms

Since late October a pretty unusual ad has been doing the rounds. This ad, for Tanishq Jewellery, breaks two very strong social taboos at the same time. First, it shows the remarriage of a young mother and secondly, the bride is clearly not the usual fair model shown in such ads.

Take a look at the ad first:

The ad, which has been directed by Gauri Shinde (Director of English Vinglish) and created by advertising agency Lowe Lintas and Partners, is a great example of how companies can gather great mileage with a sensitively done breaking of social norms.

The ad has generated comments in every national paper in India and has even received a mention in the Huffington Post.

According to the Huffington Post, Member of Parliament, Naveen Jindal even tweeted about it:

Kudos to Tanishq for speaking up for women’s remarriage in a society that allows divorced or widowed women personal choices and for striking a blow against the fair skin obsessed Indian.

Completely Insensitive PR!

BJP crosses the line by politicising ashes immersion of Bihar blast victim

Politics plumbed a new low in the aftermath of the blasts in Bihar, ahead of Modi’s big rally last week.

Earlier this week, the BJP was present at the immersion of the ashes of the 6 victims in the Ganga at Gaighat. The Times of India reported: “After immersion, the BJP workers and leaders took pledge to continue their fight against terrorism. They claimed that the six victims made supreme sacrifice against terrorism. "We pledge to follow the path shown by you six martyrs," was the pledge read out on the banks of the Ganga.”

I can’t imagine anything worse frankly than this blatant exploitation of the pain of the families of the blast victims by the BJP.

It may have cut some ice if this was not happening under the shadow of the BJP’s campaign for Modi and wasn't done in such a public manner.


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