Pepsi, MS Dhoni and Mumbai Indians play match-winning PR

Now that Pepsi IPL 6 is well under way, the attendant PR campaigns around IPL are almost as fierce as the action on the pitch. Since the season began in April, we have been focusing on interesting campaigns every week.

Here is a round of what is going on with IPL 6 now:

Pepsi leads the way in social media, MS Dhoni most popular player followed by Kieron Pollard

Pepsi’s massive marketing pitch of Rs.1.5 billion around IPL 6 has clearly paid off in terms of brand attention on social media. Naturally, the official sponsor Pepsi is the biggest gainer from the tumult of relentless match play. As per a report done by done by MEC, a media buying and planning agency and a founding partner of GroupM, and Meritus, WPP’s analytics company, in terms of chatter around TV commercials of sponsors, Pepsi's Ranbir Kapoor and Oh Yes Abhi ads dominate with 62 per cent share of conversations. See the Ranbir Kapoor ad here:

Vodafone's Zoo zoos follow with 22 per cent.

Most popular IPL teams

As per the MEC-GroupM report Mumbai Indians leads the conversations with a 22 per cent share of buzz, followed by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) with 19 per cent. IPL champions Kolkata Knight Riders has just 5 per cent share of the conversations on Twitter.

Most popular players

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni top the ratings with 22 per cent of the buzz. Three out of the top five most discussed are international players Kieron Pollard (15 per cent), Chris Gayle (11 per cent) and Dale Steyn (9 per cent).

At fourth position is Rajasthan Royals skipper Rahul Dravid with 10 per cent share followed by cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar at 6th position with a 7 per cent share.

Take a look at the full report here.

On Earth Day, Gurgaon CEOs to walk down to workplace

As per a front page story in Hindustan Times, On Earth Day on the 22nd of April, CEOS and executives of IT companies and BPOs will shun their air conditioned cars and walk to work from the nearest Metro station.

As per Hindustan Times, the ‘Walk to Work’ campaign has been organised by trade body NASSCOM.

For those whose offices are too far from the metro station to walk, will be encouraged to share an auto rickshaw or cycle to work.

It will certainly make for a great picture opportunity to see the normally sedentary executives make their way to work on foot or by cycle.

But anyone who has braved the highway in Gurgaon knows that there is barely space for cars during peak office hours; forget a stroll in the hot sun.

Still, a good way to generate a buzz.