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The foundation of our worlds Society and Business is principally supported by the ever flowing stream of ideas and information. This provides a gigantic opportunity to qualified professionals who can assist businesses’ in delivering the right message out to their audience. The future belongs to those Public Relations (PR) firms and professionals who can lucratively connect their clients’ true knowledge via structured mutual relationships and knowledge sharing with the client’s stakeholders.

From what Richardson and Laville had to say about PR and Phillips and Young about Online PR, I developed a model D.E.L.T, i.e. I discuss some of the possible future scenarios which PR professionals ought to consider;



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The Good PR Trainings open from now through to February 2020, presented by PRmoment India, Moushumi Dutt and other senior trainers have been conceived with a mission to bring in practical and professional PR skills, that will help to demonstrate the strategic power of PR for achieving business impact.

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