Samsung India builds world record-breaking Great PR

Samsung India builds world record-breaking Great PR for Note 2

Can mobile phone drawing apps give rise to the next MF Hussain or Souza or Amrita Shergill?

Well, it may not be the artiste discovery of the year, but Samsung India is attempting to set a new Guinness world record for the biggest art installation in history with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 incredible art-piece initiative.

As part as PR stunts go, in itself, attempting to set a world record is standard operating practice, but the campaign itself is nicely designed to focus attention in an interesting manner on Galaxy Note 2’s drawing features.

This is how the contest works; a Facebook app lets you submit your entry. At last count  over 168, 709 artists had already submitted their entries, Samsung India is looking to beat the world record of 201, 948 artists; for most number of artists working on the same installation piece.

While it may not attract too much mainstream news attention beyond the new world record (if it's set), the campaign’s visual appeal will certainly help to create PR impact in a world that is quicker to consume pictures and visuals than text and analysis.

Castrol Biking revs up Great PR with women power

The automotive lube giant Castrol’s natural affinity with biking to push stakeholder engagement is an interesting example of matching the product with its audience. It’s interesting to see just how many biking clubs exist in India. But what was truly interesting is the way Castrol Biking has leveraged possibly the only female biking group in the country: The Bikerni: Association of Female Bikers – India. 

Castrol Biking put out this pictorial tribute to women bikers in India, a rare sight on the aggressive roads of India.

Already shared over 300 times, finally some recognition for the much pushed around women drivers on Indian roads, the tribute also helps to break traditional perceptions about Indian women and what they should and should not do. 

Bollywood Stars land on Mars bars

Mars Inc gathered an advance buzz for its new campaign for Snickers by signing up Bollywood legend Rekha. This move got Mars prime positioning below the masthead of Economic Times. The unusual combination of a mass chocolate brand and a fairly reclusive star has got the media buzzing .

It will be interesting to see how Mars Inc multiplies its brand values through Rekha, who is rarely seen in ads. The last ad I remember seeing her is this ancient Lux soap ad:

(Source :

If any of you have any other examples of ads featuring Rekha, tweet us @PRmomentIndia. Meanwhile Mars is poised for a nice bite of great PR.

LG India marries a PR stunt with, well, marriage

LG is no stranger to stunts to gather PR around its products. Remember this rather scary, stunt, designed to show off the LG IPS Monitor, where the floor of the lift falls off, leaving a transparent bottom?

The LG World Record Team has created a discussion forum to create traction around the cutting edge features of LG products. And the team behind the forum, helped a young man to put together an unusual marriage proposal, via a flash mob in Gurgaon.

Thumping Bollywood music, a flash mob and the stage was set.

The discussion thread on the video post, gently pushed the LG WorldRecord 84" LM9600 4K Ultra HD TV. A great strategic social PR idea that is still getting coverage two months since the proposal took place. And for those of you who are romantics out there, the lady said Yes!

Have you seen any great or even bad PR?

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