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A classic narrative, but few takers

It is a story as old as the hills. The haves' and the have nots'. In this case, it's the lack of equal access to vaccination in the less well off nations.

WIth the emergence of the Omicron variant of concern in (South) Africa, one of the regions facing vaccine inequity, the news flow first went (naturally), to the stock market crash all over the world.

The next immediate phase was about safety measures as nations in Europe and North America clamped down on travel from South African nations, smarking accusations of Afrophobia.

But even as western nations contemplate the 4th Covid wave, there were no takers for the Afrophobia argument.

One of the core challenges for less well off nations is the availability of vaccines, which in turn becomes a reason for restrictions on international travel.

But this major issue gets limited coverage, perhaps because there are no immediate global solutions as richer national work to protect their own citizens first.

What does this mean for communicators?

What this means for communicators is while the inequity of vaccination may not be top of the news in the middle of the advent of the Omicron variant, it's still a cause worth pursuing:

1) The overall inequity in healthcare debate is very relevant to India as well, in different ways including vaccine. This is a long term story peg.

2) The travel precautions as they evolve is another ongoing story.

3) The case for booster doses in India may be given a 'boost' with Omicron.

4) Impact on economy after a great second quarter with over 8% growth will be a running story. 

Discovery of the Week, Of Goats and Soda 

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