Vaccine Passports and vaccine inequity, approval for children major health news trends this week

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Vaccine and Passports, and access to Covid-19 Vaccine

One of the the biggest news trend in healthcare is vaccine passports and  Covid-19 vaccine and continues to dominate the news cycle this week as well.

Among the key news that this issue generated this week is Vaccine Passports pegged to the ongoing visit of the WTO director general Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to Delhi.

People movement is directly linked to the movement of international trade of goods and services. Vaccine passports are also strongly linked to vaccine access as not all countries have equitable access to the jabs.

What does this mean for communicators?

This is both a global and national super-trend for communicators and the following story hooks emerge from it:

1) Logistics and operations challenges for corporate sector due to vaccine passport restrictions and more importantly how they are being resolved by individual firms. This is a super-trend within a super trend with stories that can emerge for logistics and manufacturing processes, hybrid workplace, C-suite work management and even new studies and theories of work.

2) Advocacy to open up vaccine passports.

3) The larger issue of access to vaccines-countries with reduced access to vaccine will automatically be an issue of interest to nations and international government officials, not so much an immediate corporate concern unless they are in vaccine manufacturing.

4) Story implications for last mile Covid tests ( at airports) in the absence of vaccine passports or acceptance of vaccine passport as well as quarantine at your or company cost for business travellers.

The other stories that made health news this week are:

1) The expansion of vaccine to adolescents and children.

2) Covaxin approval by WHO for EUL or Emergency Use Listing.

3) The rise of cases in UK appeared in multiple papers.

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My health word of the week: 'Jab Nots'- those who avoid needles and the vaccine!

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