How Brands in India can Engage with Millennials

PRmoment held its first conference in India last week. The event was all about how brands in India can engage with millennials.

The conference was held at the IIMC in Delhi and 90 Indian PR folks attended.

I would suggest that Millennials are an independent generation, they have a great deal of peer-to-peer trust and a mistrust of the establishment. That said, to attempt to generalise them is wrong.

Millennials have a spectrum of tastes, views and perspectives and the key for public relations professionals is to understand their audience, empathise with them and consider what mix of the appropriate social media, digital media, print and broadcast is the most effective way to engage.

The video below features some of our speakers from the event and touches on a few of the main discussion points from the conference: 

How Brands in India can Engage with Millennials from PRmoment on Vimeo.

To find out more about the event and what was discussed see our full blog post. 

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