Kochi based PR firm ResPublica Consulting helps train senior citizens in using smartphones

How many times have we all reluctantly helped our grandparents and other senior citizens to use smartphones and other technology?

But, Kochi based PR firm, ResPublica Consulting wants to change this. The firm’s employees have worked closely to change this. The 'Smart Seniors' initiative organized by ResPublica Consulting in association with Karuna Communications led by Fr. Dominic Pathiala, have trained groups of senior citizens in using smartphones.

This charming senior citizen, Aleyamma Cyriac, a retired teacher, shared her experience:

“The overwhelming acceptance that the pilot sessions conducted in the initial stage received, inspired us to further expand the program. The demands for sessions conducted under the guidance of the professional team of ResPublica Consulting have increased considerably,” says Fr, Dominic Pathiala –director, Karuna Communications.
Lisna Ismail, director-operations with ResPublica says the programme will now be expanded:

The ‘Smart Seniors’ session was led by Dr. Ajay John Gray, director‐public affairs, ResPublica Consulting and  Lisna Ismail  ‐ director‐operations, ResPublica Consulting.  The team for the training program also includes Manila Manohar, Zeba Nazar, Maya Murali and Lekshmy M.A.

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