PR Trailblazers : Why sports drives the PR work of Sportcomm

In 2016, two former athletes decided to start their own PR firm. Given their own sporty background, interest and experience, sports PR or rather sports consulting became a natural theme to focus the new firm on. Thus, SPORTCOMM was born in 2016, with a view to focus on building sports awareness in India. 

In our PRmoment India Trailblazers podcast, co-founder Abhoy Chattopadhyay talks about the joy of discovering new athletes and giving them their place in the sun and  the challenge of  bringing people in the stadium to watch games through effective PR. Listen in:


In the first phase of their growth, SPORTSCOMM plans to focus on sports such as football, golf and shooting. The dream remains, to handle Indian sportspersons at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. SPORTSCOMM Co-founder, Somit  Biswas, shares his thoughts on what might be the next areas of growth for sports PR:


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