4 tips before starting your career in PR industry

For those who are unfamiliar with the field of public relations, it has always been a perplexing profession. Many people believe that it is a part of journalism, and that PR only writes press releases. This qualifies it as a PR (Press Release) for them. Despite the fact that public relations is taught in journalism, the two professions are vastly different. In the field of public relations, a press release is simply a tool used by publicists and public relations specialists.

In today’s world, matters are not resolved by the use of wars or force but by the exchange of opinion or ideas, popularly known as “Public Opinion.” Creating a positive public opinion about your brand/organisation is not an easy task. This demonstrates how a career in public relations is dynamic, ever-changing, and never boring or monotonous. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious and well-paying careers available. Public Relations is all about doing 90% good things and 10% communicating about it.

Below are four tips to consider before beginning a career in one of the most in-demand fields: Public Relations.

1. Interpersonal Communication skills

Communication plays the most vital role in the PR industry. Good communication skills, in my opinion, are essential for a person's career success. Unfortunately, many professionals overlook this and fail to develop it. PR's major job is to solve the communication problems of the company. Having a good natural flair for spoken and written language makes a PR professional a distinct person in the organisation as compared to hundreds of other employees working in a company. 

2. Content writing

It is rightly said, “Content builds Relationships.” This is something that will stick with you throughout your PR journey. Good content/quotes attracts more attention and engagement. To understand the difference between good and bad content, you should start your day by writing one piece of content on any topic. It aids in the development of creativity and the understanding of positive tonality in writing. Finally, if I could offer any advice, it would be that a small but significant time investment in writing content can go a long way toward ensuring your PR success!

3. Technical Skills

As we rely so much on technology, technical skills have spread into almost every job. In a PR journey you have to send messages to clients, journalists, etc. Being able to communicate complex ideas in a clear way will make you stand out in this job. Before beginning a career in public relations, try to learn about technical aspects such as Gmail, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Search Engine Optimization, Microsoft PowerPoint, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Social Media, and so on. YouTube is a good option to gain enough technical knowledge without investing a single penny.

4. Media Relations

If you don't devote a significant amount of time to cultivating relationships with journalists, public relations will be a failure. Make a target of talking to at least one journalist a day. Before texting or calling a journalist, check their profile on LinkedIn to ensure that they are still working in the organisation (avoid calling on weekends). Remember that journalists, like you and me, are humans. So don't be hesitant to speak.

PR could be an exciting industry to work in if you are willing to improve your communication skills, work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and learn new things every day. To keep up with changing consumer habits and engage with a more technologically savvy audience, this industry is constantly innovating and changing. Lastly, I just want to add, “A PR career should be chosen by choice and not by chance.”

Authored by Ankit Chavan, Publicist

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