Four ways you can use PR to build a brand in a negative market

Building a brand is a lifetime commitment to your customers which takes time, strategic planning and continuous determination that produces tangible outputs entailing greater customer satisfaction, reduced price sensitivity, fewer customer defections and high percentage of repeat business. However, all this seems nearly unattainable in today’s business arena filled with multiple negatives and odds such as low- visibility, insufficient capital, sunk cost, unfavourable and unpredictable market conditions, changing customers and their increasingly evolving demands and expectations.

Today, PR is an intense apparatus that can handhold you to confidently exercise your business idea in the marketplace and efficiently overcome such negatives in trade. It is a definite recipe of success that can spur your business growth from micro to macro level and ensure long- term survival amidst challenging market demographics.

So, in case you still haven’t integrated this creative technique in your business model, it’s time that you do it now. Listed below are a few prominent benefits of having a PR agency by-your-side that will help you in this endeavour.

Enhanced Visibility across Platforms
Visibility is the ‘need of the hour’ for any business. It creates the presumption of quality and acceptance. Today, PR assists you to effortlessly achieve this through various innovative and inventive means.
PR well accelerates the perception of your brand among your target audience by efficiently conveying your message in a constant, consistent and congruent style. Alongside, it ensures that the message delivered is strong, compelling and timely to position the brand top of mind among your audience. Besides this, PR also helps you to create a strong- point of difference to your competitor, aiding you to stand out from the crowd.

Remember- A sustained PR campaign generates more buzz than advertising!

Smooth Flow of Funds
Business leaders require sufficient capital firstly, to establish a venture at the business forefront and secondly, to sustain the trade. Today, a PR agency is well equipped to help you meet potential investors who can inject funds in your venture.

A PR firm enables you to effectively communicate, connect and engage with multi- cultural and multi- lingual audience through diverse routes such as digital platforms, print media, seminars & conferences and more. Through such effectual communication across platforms, PR powerfully builds and heightens your brand -image that encourages potential investors to consider your trade.

Remember- Currently, nothing will speed up an investor’s interest in your business faster than projecting enhanced image reputation through PR!

Communicating Brand- Story
Human- to human connection is the heart and soul of a business. Today, people do not buy goods or services; they buy relations, stories and magic.
A PR agency well understands this crucial need and crafts a storytelling approach to connect with potential prospects. It highlights the right buzz words in-sync with your brand theme through creative content pieces such as articles and blogs on various platforms to strongly communicate an authentic brand story. Such content is often driven through your brand and shapes your reason for existence, urging customers to buy a part of your story and not just the product.

Remember- A PR agency is the only mechanism in trade that can communicate your brand- story at an express speed!

Acquiring Talent
Getting the right people to innovate, who can immensely contribute to the overall goal is crucial for continued existence.

At present, smart leaders continuously build techniques and methodologies that can arouse employee interest and curiosity. PR is one such mainstream technique that has the power to lure best-in-class talent for your organisation. PR not only helps you to build a thought leadership strategy but also aids your organisation to come up over and over again as a thought leader which encourages candidates to reach out or be open to conversations about career opportunities.

Remember- PR does not just builds a strategy to expand your talent pool but also boost it time and again to ensure positive and regular revenues.

PR has huge advantages. The question is- have you made this ground-breaking investment yet?

Udit Pathak is director, Media Mantra

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