Seven ways to make a good impression in your first month at a PR firm

Sanya Bajaj, Column Inches, shares tips on making an early mark at work

The job of public relations is not as easy as it seems to be. It is advisable to work on your expertise in the first few days of a new job. If you nail the first few weeks at the PR agency, you will get a head start.

Here is how to do it:

Do your research

Before starting your job at a new organization, ensure that you have done your research. It is essential to gather every little detail of the firm such as its values and offerings. Try to find out what clients they have, what are their channels and what exposure they get. Go carefully through the company website and try to understand their work.

Enquire as much as you can

In the initial days of the job at a PR firm, it's okay to raise questions. This approach will help you in understanding things well and clear all your doubts. This will help you in reducing errors at work.

Go slow

Try to spend a good amount of time on the work assigned to you. That will make you understand the expectations well. It's a new place so the demands may be different and new to you. It's logical to go slow and do work cautiously, instead of rushing things and making a mistake.

Get involved in all kind of activities

PR agencies are sociable places. It's always good to get involved in all kinds of activities organized by them. Get involved in parties and spend time with people who work there. This will ease your mood and at the same time make you understand the company a bit more.

Relax properly

In the first couple of weeks, you should give yourself the proper time to relax. Proper rest will make you do better tful work.

Remain organized

Keep yourself organized. Make notes of work assigned to you and diligently work on them. Try to carry pen, diary, and sticky notes so that you can jot down anything whenever required.

Work on your media relations

Making media relations should be at the top of your list. The more contacts you have, the better you will perform in the PR industry. Create a media list and try to find out who is the best person to contact for what. Try to maintain strong relationships with journalists.

Work on your skills

Keep on working on your skills. You should try to get involved in any kind of training and development session organized by the organization, without fail. There is always something new to absorb. Also, try to learn from your colleagues.

Sanya Bajaj is founderColumn Inches.

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