Apple's big fat September event created AR press invites & cool Twitter integration : Nikhil Chawla discusses

Last week, I received the official invite for Apple’s 'Special Event', and it was not just another invite. On clicking the Apple Special Event Logo, my iPhone’s camera launched in AR (Augmented Reality) mode.

Yes, you read it right! The camera automatically opened in AR mode and scanned for surface to augment the animated event invite. Next thing I see is an animated Special Event Apple Logo transforming in to the date of the event – 9.15 (for September 15). And while it transformed from the Apple Special Event Logo to the date it made loops of heart indication the heart, we see on Apple Watch. Also, the fact the event invite heading stated – ‘Time flies’ makes it even more evident that Apple will be announcing the new generation of Apple Watch – The Apple Watch Series 6.

Here’s how the AR invite worked: 

And just when we all thought that Apple was done with all the magic. It had another trick up its sleeve. Like late Steve Jobs often surprised us with his famous tagline ‘One More Thing’ right before the closing of the event to unveil something special and unexpected. Apple did a similar magical trick on social media platform, twitter. Yes, a lot of brands do partnerships with twitter to launch quirky campaign’s, custom hostage emojis and other automated media tricks. But Apple took it up a notch (pun intended) by taking over the twitter like button.

In the morning, when Apple CEO, Tim Cook tweeted – Good Morning, T-minus 6 hours! #AppleEvent. Little did anybody know that liking that tweet would do something never seen before, something magical, something very Apple. 

No more suspense. On clicking the tweet like button on his tweet, a different like animation happened. It was the Apple Watch heart that took over the twitter’s default like animation.

Here’s a breakdown of it in images to show you how it looks -

Even one of the most popular tech youtuber in the world, Marques Brownlee @mkbhd pointed out how smart this partnership between Apple and Twitter turned out to be:

This is a perfect example of how brands can innovate and do new things on social media. It’s not just about launching a custom new hashtag emoji or changing the header image. It’s about how you can bring something new to the table and get better engagement.

Nikhil Chawla is a tech journalist with stories on a range of mainstream media organisations including CNBC Awaaz, ET Now Live Now, Aaj Tak and NDTV.

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