Three PResolutions

A happy new January to all PRmoment India readers! New Year is the time for good intentions and we in the PR industry are no different! In the spirit of new beginnings, we have decided to take up some New Year PResolutions!

1. Improve communications within the industry: The communications industry can be notoriously bad at both internal and external communications.

Potential and existing clients can provide incredibly vague briefs that make it difficult for even the most dedicated PR professionals to deliver. Lapses in communication mean that agencies often only find out that their proposal has been rejected when they see evidence of the agency that was picked instead, conducting activities for the company.

It is not just clients that can be blamed for this. Even internally, sometimes internal approval of a plan takes an unreasonably long and convoluted process that it stops being relevant. So this year, let’s pledge to have better communication in the communications industry across levels and types, to ensure we can all do our best work.

2. Give up fear of the digital unknown: The internet is often viewed as an abyss where only the most well equipped should dare venture. Digital is typically relegated to specialists and to them only, seen as something that others in the team shouldn’t even try to experiment with.

While more experienced PR professionals do indeed have to grapple with many changes when it comes to digital PR, their long term expertise would actually make them even better suited to deploy PR strategies in the digital realm once they develop basic digital capabilities.

Digital fluency is often seen as a large complex challenge, but there are small steps like familiarisation with Google or Facebook Analytics through online courses and experimentation that everyone can take. Digital PR is becoming near ubiquitous and we all need to dip our toe, foot or leg in it, rather than viewing it as an unknowable, and there is no better time to start than now!

3. Stop leveraging causes for empty PR: This year has seen massive social changes, from the #MeToo movement to the striking down of Section 377. Brands have had mixed responses to these changes, supporting individual freedoms with rainbow creatives once the judgement was announced, while also remaining tight-lipped on the #MeToo matter….some even defending the accused.

It is noteworthy for brands to support social movements but in an attempt to increase brand visibility, the work of activists who have contributed towards these movements cannot be ignored. What is increasingly common to observe of late, has been the ease with which brands have picked up causes and indicated support, only once legally condoned and socially mainstream to do so. In the coming year, let’s strive to create PR strategies that either genuinely work towards creating social change when calling upon it, or incorporate elements of movements in a respectful and appropriate manner when not directly involved.

May the next year bring you all the coverage and goodwill you seek!

Karishma Joseph, is currently with The Mavericks India and Spriha Dhanuka, previously with The PRactice is currently pursuing a masters in digital communication leadership at the University of Salzburg.

Two young, fiercely feminist entrants to the Indian PR industry analyze their world paring apart layers of complex issues with their sharp perspective.

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