How does digital marketing Influence the consumer purchasing decision?

As the world becomes increasingly digital post Covid-19 and interlinked, brands and marketers are embracing modern digital marketing strategies to connect with potential clients.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

With 624 million internet users in India alone, marketers have a chance to reach their customers directly through online platforms and increase their exposure. With such a massive user base, digital marketing can help capture large audiences and influence their purchase decisions.

With the transition from traditional to digital marketing, consumer behaviour has greatly changed and is more streamlined today. With information being available online, irrespective of the day and time, consumers can shop, go through reviews, compare and do many more things at the same time.

How Digital Marketing impacts consumer behaviour:

Consumers conduct online research before making a purchase

With easy access to the internet, consumers have become curious and want to conduct thorough research before buying anything online. With almost every brand marketing its products and services online, it has become convenient for consumers to research, compare, experiment and then make a suitable purchase decision. This decision is highly influenced by the information they find online, making it crucial for brands to have a strong online presence.

Customer loyalty and digital marketing go hand-in-hand

Brands can now build transparent relationships with consumers and offer them a better understanding of merchandise and services. 

With the advent of digital marketing, customers are exposed to a large number of products and information from all brands. They want quality products that offer better value for their money. 

Consumer engagement, discounts and customer support can influence consumer purchases and increase customer loyalty

The power of digital word-of-mouth

Digital word-of-mouth, also known as influencer marketing is a dependable method of recommendation. 

Today, consumers make choices based on what their role models endorse or what others recommend. Other forms of recommendations like customer reviews, influencer marketing, testimonials, comments can also help brands establish trust among consumers. 

If a brand has a good digital word of mouth, customers are likely to trust more and increase their purchases.

Digital marketing driving impulse buying decisions

Digital marketing enables brands to endorse their products at the right place and time, where the consumer is most likely to make an impulsive or spontaneous purchase. Brands use tactics like online deals, offers, discounts that convince the customer to buy their products in an instant. 

This is highly unlikely in an offline setting and can be used by marketers to lure customers

It offers a curated shopping experience:

Digital marketing offers customers a personalized shopping experience. Companies have observed that many customers do not like to spend a lot of time researching for new products and want instant results. Brands have constructed and modified their digital content to provide customers with a tailored shopping experience. This will affect consumer purchases greatly.

Lower patience amongst consumers

Consumers today need fast responses to their doubts and grievances. This is possible with digital marketing. Customer queries and thoughts can easily be posted on social media for a large crowd. By seeing positive and negative reviews, consumers are greatly influenced.

Digital marketing therefore empowers customers, offers them personalized experiences and helps brands build transparent and stronger relations with them. Thus, digital marketing motivates consumer purchases to a large extent.

Maddie Amrutkar is founder & CEO of Glad U Came

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