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DSPR's Digisha Shah shares her mompreneur journey: Balancing motherhood and business

When I reflect on my journey as a mother and entrepreneur, it's a delicate dance between two demanding worlds. My role as the founder of DSPR, a PR and brand consultant, and a mother to my three-year-old daughter has not been without its challenges. Yet, it’s been a journey filled with growth, resilience, and purpose.

Starting DSPR was a leap of faith. When I started the company, I had no mentor guiding me. My journey was built on passion, grit, and a love for public relations. Building a business from scratch, I relied heavily on my past experiences, a strong work ethic instilled by my parents, and a belief in my capabilities.

Early on, I made my mark in the industry by attending networking events. I had to overcome my initial shyness to build meaningful connections. Reaching out to journalists according to their protocols was another hurdle. I made mistakes and faced criticism, but I learned and persisted.

Resilience and patience have been important aspects of my journey. Dealing with difficult clients is part of the job in the PR industry. Whether it's clients who don't pay or those who suddenly disappear on you, I've learned to take these hurdles in stride. 

Instead of getting discouraged, I've honed my fighting spirit. Sometimes, a situation that felt impossible to overcome eventually shifted through perseverance.

While juggling multiple roles, I've realized that multitasking isn't always effective. When training a team member or preparing a presentation, I switch off any outside distractions and fully immerse myself in the task at hand. This singular focus allows me to be more efficient.

The pandemic challenged our industry, but it also opened doors for diversification. As hospitality and restaurant clients pulled back, we pivoted to the wedding industry, creating innovative concepts that set us apart. Through this, I empowered my team to share their ideas and brainstorm innovative strategies.

Returning to work shortly after pregnancy was challenging but maintaining a positive outlook helped me manage both responsibilities. 

My husband plays an essential role in sharing the parental load, and my family and group of friends who are working mothers themselves have been a pillar of support on challenging days.

As my daughter grows, she becomes more independent, allowing me to manage my time more effectively. Being honest with my daughter about my work helps her understand its importance. I prioritize quality time with her, like having dinner together each evening and putting her to sleep every night.

Motherhood has taught me to value time and prioritize effectively. I've reduced mindless scrolling on social media and other distractions to focus on what matters. While I may not get as much leisure time as before, I have embraced missing out on certain things to prioritize things that fuel my passion and purpose. Switching between the two roles helps me counterbalance the stress of both worlds and leaves me with no time for overthinking. I'm secretly glad about that!

I continue to evolve as a person, fueled every day by my hunger to achieve more. Through balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, I've found purpose and fulfillment in both roles, and I hope my story inspires others on their own journeys.

Digisha is the founder of DSPR, a PR and brand consultant

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