How smart content production is driving content marketing in India

At this moment, with strict Covid protocols, responsible co-mingling and tight budgeting, being sharp and proactive are the needs of the hour for smart content production.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the way work used to happen in India. Covid changed the industry of content creation and digital marketing in two ways; consumption and production.

Brands in India have come back with one key requirement- managing the work with few or fewer resources.

To maintain the flow of content, brands have come up with the idea of doing 'Smart Production'. This idea drives multifold changes in the Indian market.

Creating Reserve Pool of assets

'Smart Content Production' could be defined as a method or technique to create and maintain the reserve of marketing materials.

Many companies have been re-using archival content for brand purpose.

Need to leave behind the silo mentality for online marketing

Silo mentality in online business marketing is isolated or an incomplete integration of channels and functions of marketing online.

According to Adobe’s 2020 Digital Trends review, outdated workflows would become an obstacle for developing any successful digital experience for more than 50 per cent of big organisations.

There is a big need to develop new, well organised and smart production processes and it requires the brands and companies to leave the silos for creating relevant creatives at a fast pace.

To tackle brands’ immediate and individual needs, putting freelancers and consolidating small teams at a local level will cover potent production at a very fast level.

Setting up a centralised library for smart production 

The broken silos and reserves for assets can set up a uniform and unitary structure around the globe. It creates a centralised library for creatives. From top to bottom, it will depict every product and will result in an approach that helps brands maintain a stable ecosystem.

Virtual Production, Smart production

Virtual production of content and creatives is another smart change with the coming developments in technology. Virtual production gives more freedom to create and to customise cost-effectively. After unlocking the power of 3D creatives, brands' creative production is meeting the demands without any hassle.

Smart production is bringing a systematic way to line up the methods across the overall digital journey with improved and organised budget, and giving users a seamless experience with the help of virtual relevancy and compatibility all around the channels.

Authored by Divanshi Gupta, director, The Marcom Avenue

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