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PR's New Landscape: Kaizzen's Vineet Handa's Message to Colleagues on National PR Day

An open letter to my colleagues on National PR Day 

Vineet Handa, Founder,Kaizzen

This National Public Relations Day is an opportune moment to reflect on the momentous changes that have transformed the communication industry, focus on recent criticisms, and recommend certain ground rules to youngsters eager to make their mark in this industry. 

A critical link between the fourth and the fifth estate for decades, ET's Prasad Sanghameshwaran asks in a LinkedIn post, " Are we guilty of converting the elite communication business into a call centre where no rapport gets built and everything is transactional? There may be some truth in it but it is difficult to assign a single cause to it. Could it be because of laziness, technology, work pressure or a combination of all, one is not sure.

However, like other industries on the cusp of a revolution, the PR industry too is witnessing massive churn and rapid changes. Yet, certain principles and value systems remain at the core of the PR business and are embedded in the DNA of every successful PR professional.

Focus on building relationships rather than adopting a transactional approach

It is important to develop a long-standing relationship with one’s clients rather than adopt a short-term transactional approach. Building long-term relationships with clients creates lifetime friends, and enhances confidence and trust in the PR firm, that is sustained throughout a company’s journey.

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Knowledge is the key

Keeping the flame of knowledge alive throughout one’s career is sine qua non for any PR professional trying to make a mark in this industry. Staying abreast of the latest developments in these ever-changing times provides an edge to excel and shine despite the competition.

Perfecting the art of storytelling

Perfecting the art of storytelling is vital to creating a successful pitch or even catching the clients' attention, especially in these times of information overload and deficient attention spans.

Patience and the art of persuasion

What separates the men from the boys, is their ability to be patient and develop persuasive skills while dealing with clients, however difficult. These soft skills help to break barriers, reduce resistance, and make it easier for the client to say yes.

Technology as an enabler

Rapid technological breakthroughs, especially in generative artificial intelligence like Chat GPT and automation, have made the job of PR professionals easy. These technological advances, however, should be viewed as enablers and not the creators of perfect products. The power of the human touch, personal relationship with the clients, and the ability to provide credible solutions in times of crisis remain core to the PR business. Those who forget these five magical tenants can only do so at their peril.

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Vineet Handa is founder & CEO of Kaizzen. founder director Craftsman Solutions & O Factor. North Chapter chairperson, PRCAI

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