Scroll Mantra's Neha Bajaj walks down memory lane for a peep into her first job in PR

What was you first job in PR like? What lessons do you remember from that time?

Let's dive straight into our new twice monthly column, 'My First Job in PR'.

This week, Scroll Mantra's founder Neha Bajaj who started her career in 2006 shares her story. Read on.

PRmoment India: What was your first job in PR?

    Neha Bajaj: I started working quite early in life, with part time jobs

    when I was in college. My first full-time job in PR was with Avian Media (which is now Avian WE) and I worked with them for over six years. It was a truly a life changing experience for me as I got to work with such inspirational mentors and industry thought leaders that gave me the opportunity to grow, learn and become my own person – both personally and professionally. 

    When I look back today, I feel extremely grateful for the learnings, and believe you me – the anecdotes I tell my team even after so many years are about the wonderful time I spent in the organization.

    PRmoment India: What did you do with your first salary and how much was it?

    Neha Bajaj, throwback pic from 2006!

    Neha Bajaj: My first salary was about INR 7,000 and I was delighted after I got my first paycheck. I vividly remember running home with excitement and a box of sweets for my family – which was a culture that was followed in my household. My mother is religious so the money that I withdrew was kept in the temple for the Lord’s blessings first and then I took my family out for a dinner in a place that I could afford at the time. I felt so proud that I was able to do that on my own – the feeling was surreal. I also bought small gifts for my family, the joy and pride that I saw in their eyes that day, drives me to do my best even today.

    PRmoment India: One lesson from your first job you still carry? 

    Neha Bajaj: Now as an entrepreneur myself, I look at the learnings from my first job very differently than I did then. I feel what I remember the most about my first job is not just the work that I got to do, but the environment I got to do it in. 

    A good mentor and a safe space are so important for the growth of employees and I am fortunate that I got that in mine.

    Office was not just a workplace but was one where friends and mentors collaborated to churn out great campaigns and design stories for our clients but also, spent a great deal of time learning about each other and supported personal growth. A lesson I carry with me today is that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work, loyalty, and commitment to one’s dreams.

    PRmoment India: Your biggest dream then?

      Everyone in the PR industry has dream ‘clients’ that they would like to work with and for me that was Fortune 500 companies. But my biggest dream since the very beginning has been financial independence and it has been a driving force for me.

      I come from a very humble background and I have seen my parents struggle and work hard to give us the life we deserved. I wanted to give back to them, create a home for them that was devoid of such worries and secure my future, so that my child can grow and flourish without any worries. 

      And I say this to every woman in my team as well, that despite their current financial situation,they must invest, save, and grow their earnings to secure their future. Giving my team the wings to fly is my top priority today.

      PRmoment India: One PR tool you remember from then?

        Neha Bajaj: I would have to say Impact – the news tracking and measurement agency. Their support was instrumental at the beginning of my career and their evolution has continued to be a support for PR agencies even today.

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