Twitter Marketing: 10 Tips to Boost Your brand promotion

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are becoming the first choice of companies to promote their brands or services. With 336 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most effective ways to highlight your business in people's eyes. Twitter helps a lot in finding potential customers for your business. Usage of right hashtags on twitter is helping many businesses to increase brand visibility up to a great extent.

Here is how you can use Twitter as a great resource for your business:

1- Strategic Twitter profile

While creating your account on Twitter make sure to frame it professionally. You should fill all the credentials selectively such as create a good and catchy image for your Twitter profile picture, write down your company’s gist as your profile’s bio, and most importantly paste your website’s link on your account this will help to increase your website visits. It has been witnessed that the people who find your tweets attractive will most probably visit a link mentioned in your bio.

2- Segmenting the audience

Connecting the most appropriate audience for your business through various demographic factors is very important. As of now, people are more inclined towards stuff that is unique and offers premium services. To segmentize your audience effectively make sure to offer your services as an asset to the people you are trying to reach.

3- Keep an eye on trends

Make sure you never miss any trend and actively post things relevant to the recent happenings going on. This will not only help you in staying up to date on social media but it will also enhance your traffic. While using this method make sure you don’t fall for any controversial post. Amul can be the most befitting example to explain this point.

4- Schedule your posts wisely

Don't post anything anytime. This involves a bit of research work as you should make sure when people are mostly engaged in social media platforms. According to the reports, the morning before 12 pm people surf twitter for news but Sunday morning is a bad choice. Apart from that, you should keep an eye on the ongoing events and trends so that you can create posts related to them that have the potential to hook people and attract them towards your profile.

5- Interact with your followers

Try having a word with your audience as it increases your handle’s credibility. Interaction can be done through polls, comments, inbox, etc. Interacting with the audience keeps them engaged with you and your brand and if they need any kind of assistance they feel ease in contacting you.

6- Get your account verified

Try to make your account verified which means that valuable try to get that Blue Tick beside your company’s handle. There are many ways to get your account verified like keep increasing your followers and post regularly to increase your popularity. Verification mark ensures the authenticity of your account and people take your posts more seriously. However, it is a long journey, but you can simply put effort every day in order to get that blue tick and stand out from the crowd.

7- Using hashtags and keywords selectively

Hashtags are a very important part that needs utmost consideration while posting anything on Twitter. It ensures the reach of your post and maximum reach gets maximum popularity for your handle. Using irrelevant hashtags just for the trends will make your post and page lose the credibility. You should know which hashtag will be used in which category as it helps the audience understand the genre of your post. Moreover, irrelevant hashtags can also disappoint people who came to find something particular in your post.

8- Using multimedia is the key

To increase engagement of your account you should use more GIFs, videos, animation works. It helps to catch the eye of your audience. Relatable GIFs and animations can do wonders in terms of increasing the number of visitors in your profile and this can often lead to sales conversion.

9- Create and share memes

Using memes can create chances for your page to go viral through retweets. Using memes to convey your company’s service is the most recent trend on social media these days. You can portray the most serious of your requirements via a light-hearted meme. The best part is that you don’t even need to put a lot of effort into making a meme. Just download a meme maker, select a template, make a meme, and there you go.

10- Keep monitoring and experimenting

There are lots of ways to attract your audience and generate traffic through Twitter for your brand. So, keep monitoring your performances and keep experimenting with new techniques. Try to use different Twitter marketing tools and create different strategies to boost your traffic via Twitter. The most important part is to monitor the new strategies and see how they are performing on the ground level.

 Devanshi Pandey works with PR distribution platform NewsVoir 

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