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Archetype India growing 25% Y0Y: Archetype's Lee Nugent, on the PRmoment India Podcast

Four years ago Archetype was born as a result of the merger of two long-standing agencies: Text 100 and Bite. 

Lee Nugent, Archetype

As the firm settles into its path, overcoming the challenges posed by Covid on the way, Lee Nugent, regional director of APAC, Archetype, speaks with PRmoment India editor, Paarul Chand on how Archetype and Archetype India has been growing in the last two years, what is fueling PR growth in Asia and India, keeping employees engaged and measuring employee engagement success.

Listen in:

The podcast covers the following points:

1) What are the plans of the firm for the region of APAC? (0:00)

2) How to become an archetype of the next generation of PR agencies. (2:22)

  • Clients' success is their success.
  • Technology integration in India.
  • Integrating tech into the business in two parts.
  • Employee engagement and business development.

3) What does a non-traditional PR and communications team look like? (6:52)

  • Building a creative team across the region.
  • Working with Dow across Asia and with Compare Club in Australia 

4) What are the new growth areas for your firm? (13:09)

  • The four new growth areas for the firm.

5) What’s fuelling growth in Asia? (15:23)

  • Growth opportunities in the Asia region.
  • Service growth and the next generation of startups.
  • The future of communication for startups in India.
  • The hero's journey as a path for storytelling.

6) Retaining top talent and getting in the diversity of talent that is required? (21:52)

7) What do you do to keep people engaged while you have them? (24:21)

  • How to keep people engaged as an employee.
  • The Archetype Academy, personal development.
  • Building a high-performance environment in Bali.
  • Hiring the best people.

8) Coaching is the best way to deal with stress. (31:48)

  • How coaching helps with stress.
  • The importance of routines and recovery time for the brain.
  • Recovery time is just as important for the brain as for the body.

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