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Are women PR leaders in India on the rise: PRmoment Podcast

Yet another International Women's Day, this time with the theme embrace equality. But are things really changing on the ground? Senior women leaders in PR do believe it's changing, especially with regard to a greater number of women entrepreneurs in PR.  Even a cursory look will throw up literally dozens of women entrepreneurs in PR pointing towards a greater influx of women in PR.

To discuss the very important issue of women's leadership in PR and whether it's on the rise, PRmoment editor, Paarul Chand speaks with Archana Jain, MD and founder-PR Pundit, Nandita Lakshmanan, chairperson and co-founder, The PRactice, Paroma Roy Chowdhury, senior VP of corporate communications and public affairs and Nikhil Dey, executive director at Adfactors and founder, soul2sole Coaching.

Some of the takeaways include KPIs for diversity, the rise of women entrepreneurs in PR and most importantly how women can commit to their own leadership growth.

Listen in:

The podcast covers the following:

1) 2 minutes: 37 seconds: Nandita Lakshmanan: On observing dwindling of women representation in 40 under 40 lists.

2) 4 minutes: 30 seconds: Archana Jain: On the rise of women-led enterprises in PR.

3) 6 minutes: 59 seconds: Nandita Lakshmanan: On why the entire ecosystem needs to support women leaders beyond PR firms. 

4) 11 minutes: Nandita Lakshmanan: On how the PR industry has done well in creating supportive infrastructure for women as well as men as you see even first-time fathers taking paternity leave.

5) 12 minutes: 32 seconds: Paroma Roy Chowdhury: On not being in favour of tokenism, defining roles as diversity roles, being sensitive to the infrastructure support needed for women at work and also the need for women to invest in their own work future.

6) 16 minutes: Nikhil Dey: On the gender gap in C-suite PR positions and the rise of new women leader appointments post-2020.

7) 18 minutes: 12 seconds: Nikhil Dey: On his own experience juggling home duties, being turned down for roles marked for diversity.

8) 21 minutes: 12 seconds: Paroma Roy Chowdhury: Defining diversity beyond gender and its potential spending power.

9) 23 minutes: 40 seconds: Nandita Lakshmanan: On KPIs for gender diversity

9) 26 minutes: 52 seconds: Archana Jain: On KPIs and support such as second innings support and bold leadership training

10: 29 minutes: 12 seconds: Paroma Roy Chowdhury: On KPIs, the GE approach

11) 31 minutes: 51 seconds: Nikhil Dey: On the Adfactors approach to inclusion and impact of gender diversity on efficient decision making.

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