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Boardroom opportunities on the rise for communicators: Booking Holdings, CCO, Leslie Cafferty on the PRmoment Podcast

Booking Holdings, the parent company of several travel and related service firms including, opened its latest 'Center of Excellence' in Bengaluru, last year. The company plans to invest 250 million US Dollars in the centre over the next 5 years and create 1000 jobs by 2026. 

Conversation with Leslie Cafferty, the chief communications officer of Booking Holdings

Leslie Cafferty, the chief communications officer of Booking Holdings was here in India for the formal launch of the Centre of Excellence. During her visit, she speaks to PRmoment India editor, Paarul Chand, on why gender inclusivity in leadership matters, where she sees the intersection of technology and ethics moving to, create trust in the corporate communication function and can we expect to see more communications at the board level.

Listen in

Leadership, communication, and gender equality in India. 0.00 

  • Leslie Cafferty, chief communication officer at Booking Holdings, emphasizes the importance of communication teams consulting with leadership before making decisions.
  • Cafferty highlights the role of communication teams as listeners and advisors, providing valuable insights to business leaders to help them make informed decisions.
  •  Reporting structure plays a huge role in direct access to the CEO, important for communications experts to serve as guides and provide a clear direct seat at the table.
  • Gender diversity in the workplace and data-driven solutions. 5:20
    • The importance of leadership buy-in and data analysis to address gender diversity issues in organizations.
    • Data-driven approaches, such as understanding why there are few women in leadership positions or high attrition rates, are crucial to making targeted changes to improve gender diversity.
    • Companies must identify and address specific issues faced by women professionals, such as child and elder care, to create a more inclusive work environment.
  • AI in communications, transparency, and ethics. 9:13
    • Boardrooms need diverse perspectives, including communicators, to address stakeholder demands and crises.
    • Acknowledges the potential of AI in communications but emphasises the need for transparency and responsible use.
  • Ethical AI use and communication in crisis moments. 13:04
    •  Global cooperation will lead to ethical AI regulation but acknowledges challenges in achieving consistent regulation across countries.
    •  Personal favourite moments come in crisis moments, where there's no playbook. Navigating communication in uncharted territory is rewarding.
    •  Company communication involves balancing employee and societal issues, keeping it connected to the company's mission.
  • Corporate communication and leadership with Leslie Cafferty. 17:56
    • Leslie speaks about the pressure on CEOs to be all things for all people, and how they try to filter through principles to determine when to speak on issues.
    • Leslie's personal space for decompression
    • Leslie shared her journey from a degree in international relations to a career in communication, what she did with her initial salaries 

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