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Chai Talk Case Studies 2022 : How Vedanta Aluminium used AR to anchor their content strategy

In the latest Chai Talk, we focus on the Vendanta Aluminium experience with content outreach.

In this special 'Chai Talk Case Studies' for 2022, Sonal Choithani - CCO, Vedanta-Aluminium Business shares how AR helped bring out the potential of aluminium and that too for an important social cause- the participation of women on manufacturing shop floors. 

Sonal Choithani pointed out that, "Vedanta, is the largest metals company in India, in aluminium by far, we produce more than half of India's aluminium. And we are very, very clear that we need more gender diversity in our plan.Therefore, one of our favourite challenges in the manufacturing industry is that there aren't enough women in manufacturing. And we used AR to run the #BreaktheBias campaign for women for this"

 Choithani also shared that, "Our content strategy is actually subservient to the target audiences that we want to talk about. While some people approach it from a journalistic point of view, we're very clear that we we approach communications and PR branding, from a marketers point of view. 

The thing is in the metal space, which is the space that we operate in social, digital, have not really penetrated the category very, very extensively. Across the world, and hence the conventional wisdom available in the market has sometimes not worked for us."

Choithani feels, "For us, it is essentially the the customer journey that we're looking at, who are we talking to? And what platform are they available on? What is the kind of content because you and these could be customers in first world countries to, you know, people in villages who operate around the plant. So, in the back of beyond really remote villages, in the poorest, or most remote areas of India, there will be villagers who are also our stakeholders, just as investors or customers in, you know, first world countries. So how do you handle both extremes."

To understand how Vedanta made the metal industry relatable and engaging through content watch the full interview with Sonal Choithani - CCO, Vedanta-Aluminium Business:

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