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Customise intergenerational skilling to fill PR training gap: Hill & Knowlton's Abhishek Gulyani on the PRmoment India podcast

Abhishek Gulyani, CEO, Hill & Knowlton India

AI is the latest and perhaps, the most sweeping of changes to impact the PR business. The last decade has ushered in sweeping changes in the world: ranging from the all-pervading influence of digital and social media, the establishment of the dominance of IT and tech, the pandemic and the current unrest in the Middle East and Russia and Ukraine.

In the current global world, all these trends are at your doorstep, allowing you little time and space to wait to adapt. In such a scenario it becomes imperative for PR firms to up-skill quickly and also help augment the skills at the talent supply side. 

To discuss all these issues and talk about the launch of Edition 2 of PRmoment India-Hill & Knowlton programme for communication students, RiseUp +, Abhishek Gulyani, CEO of Hill & Knowlton India joins us on the PRmoment India podcast.

Commenting on why skilling programmes needed to be proactive, Gulyani says, " I think today, innovation is not a choice. it's a must-do for us. Therefore, investing time, budgeting and experimenting should be the top priority for agencies to use, right now, we need to be seen piloting new projects, and we need to be incorporating new ideas that are shared by young people. And then you start looking at your ecosystem overall. 

So if you see some of the eight national educational institutes that are partnering with us for RiseUp+. We have these students who are joining us regularly. And it makes a lot more sense for us as organisations to be proactive with these Institutes and partner with them. And then work with them to say, what's happening? What are the expectations we have? What are our clients expecting from us, therefore, you see that the the talent that's coming into the organisation is much closer to what you're trying to achieve in the field of public relations with your clients."

Listen in

The podcast covers

00.00: AI adoption and upskilling in the PR industry

Emphasizes the need for PR professionals to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing industry landscape, including the integration of technology and stakeholder engagement

Highlights the importance of mentoring and training programs, such as RiseUp +, to bridge the gap between college education and industry expectations.

4:43: Future of PR and education

  1. PR professionals must adapt to the evolving media landscape and innovate to stay relevant.
  2. emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning and skilling in the PR industry, suggesting that it should be a natural part of the DNA of organizations

9:39: Intergenerational communication in the PR industry

  1. The PR industry is evolving and agencies must adapt to changing client needs by leveraging data, creativity, and integrated strategies to showcase business impact.
  2. Agencies must transform from traditional media specialists to solution providers, working closely with senior-level clients to drive stakeholder narratives and solve communication challenges across the organization.
  3. Intergenerational communication in PR: opportunities for upskilling, mentorship, and connection.

14:54 Customizing learning programs for diverse generations in the workplace. 

  1. Customize communication approaches for different generations in the workplace.
  2. Organizations should tailor learning programs to each employee's needs and goals for better retention and results.

18:40: Lessons from Virat Kohli's cricket match experience and fan engagement.

Read more about the RiseUp+ Programme 

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